Diego Doural has made his own name into the  spanish skateboarding history

Being more than 20 years on a board in the skate level Diego has accomplished it is not easy at all, and gain the respect of everyone in the skate scene isn´t either.

But his best attribute is not being a good skater but a good person.

Besides skating, he belongs to the Kampsa II , a "do it yourself" initiative  that has built a concrete skatepark (bowl included) with his own hands...and money.

Diego skates just for fun, he always did and he always will

His sponsors are BDskateCo, VANS and bdskateshop

-Years skating: More than 20

-Place of birth: Vigo (Pontevedra)

-Currently living in:: Pasaia  (Pasages de San Pedro) Guipuzcoa

-Favorite trick: Frontside nosebone

-Hated trick : Frontside invert

-Street skating, ramps or everything? Basically vert ramps and street course  ramps.

-Influences: anyone that combines old school skating with new tricks, anyone that will be able to skate any spot.

Diego Doural Indy nosebone en Sevilla. Foto Pablo Andrés




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