We met Cristian several years ago in one of the "Torneo sk8" Contests. Although he was a little kid you clearly could notice he was a natural killer.

Since them, Cristian has made a name into the skate scene despite he is not even 18 year old.

He is already amater of BDskateCo, he´s got a Dogway Magazine cover, pothos in Go-Mag and Erosion Magazine  as well as get into the 1st place in the best skate contest of Spain (Marisquinho 2012, and VII Torneo, both in 2011).

He skate everything, rails, gaps , even transitions...this "nigga" got Class!

-Years skating: 8

-Place of birth: Colombia (Palmira)

-Currently living in:Madrid (Alcala de Henares)

- Favorite trick: Fs Feeble

-Influences: Chaz ortiz,nate principato,y skating with good music and the homies




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